Empowering Women and Children: The Transformative Impact of the Maternal Child Benefits Program (MCBP) in Warduj 

Introducing Climate-Smart Cashew Farming: A Sustainable Future with Shelter For Life International 

Rivers of Innovation: Shelter For Life’s Journey from Afghan Peaks to African Shores

Empowering Women in Agriculture: Driving Sustainable Development Across West Africa 

Building Hope

Cultivating Change: Kitchen Gardens and the Path to Global Sustenance 

Combating Hunger Amidst Crisis: The Fight for Food Security in Afghanistan 

🌿🌍 Empowering Cashew Farmers for a Sustainable Future! 🌾🌟 

🌱 Embracing Climate-Smart Agriculture with Irrigation Systems! 🌊🌾 

Celebrating a year of incredible impact!

Rising from the Rubble: Urgent Aid Needed for Herat, Afghanistan Earthquake Victims

Urgent Appeal: Standing with Wardak Province, Afghanistan in the Face of Catastrophic Flooding

Empowering West Africa’s Cashew Trade: A Remarkable Infrastructure Transformation

Help support SFL’s initiatives in West Africa. Every tree planted makes a difference

Climate Smart Agriculture

Transforming Lives through Climate Smart Agriculture in Tash Guzar, Afghanistan

Shelter For Life’s Remarkable Milestone: Planting a Million Trees and Beyond!

Banana Co-op Brought Back To Life By New Roads

Helping Communities Survive the Harsh Winter

Farm-to-Market Roads in Southern Senegal

Strengthening Communities in Flood Risk Reduction

Linking Rich Agricultural Areas in Senegal

New Road Leads to Market Access, Helps Promote Peace

Irrigation Leads to Income in Tahkar Province Community

Rehabilitated Road Fosters Community Peacebuilding and Safety

Optimism for the Future for Women in Taloqan District

Better Prices for Cashew Farmer Thanks To New Road

Reducing Landslides with Tree Planting

Improved Farming Practices For Life

Small Loans Bring Life Back Into Afghan Village

Mustafa Omar, CEO

Mustafa Omar
Chief Executive Officer

Mustafa Omar has worked for Shelter For Life International in the field and Headquarters management positions; managing projects, leading new business development, and guiding operations around the world. Mr. Omar was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and has worked in post-conflict reconstruction, Disaster Risk Reduction caused by human or natural phenomena, and market-revitalization efforts in Central Asia, East and West Africa, Europe, and Middle East for the past twenty (20) plus years. Mustafa holds graduate degrees in business administration and urban planning and is working on a PhD at the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. Topics of research and professional interest include Market Resilience and Social Risk-Management, Influence of Environmental Degradation on Fragile Markets, Impact of Improving Physical Space on Lasting Peace, and the Interaction between Modern Governance and Informal Market Structures.

Gordon Wright
Vice Chairman

Gordon A. Wright is Founder and President of over 40 years with JIMI International and is an Elder at Tulsa Christian Fellowship. Mr. Wright owned and operated a lawn and tree service business for nearly 15 years. Mr. Wright also served with the US Army for three years in the 1960s.Two of Mr. Wright’s years were spent in South Korea as a Brigade Intelligence Sergeant. Mr. Wright has provided mentoring and counseling to spiritual leaders around the world; with specific attention to individuals in Russia, Ukraine and former Soviet Bloc countries. Mr. Wright helped to found and direct East/West Resources International and Global Assistance Partners International. Mr. Wright has served as one of the original founding board of directors for Shelter For Life International. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Gordon grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.