Rubbish Collection Initiative in Erbil Govenorate

The Problem: In five districts in northern Erbil Governorate, employment opportunities were scarce in the early 2000’s. Waste management practices were either non-existent or underutilized. As a result, many families in the region struggled to provide for themselves and were at a higher risk of developing health issues.

The Solution: To address issues of employment and sanitation in the region, our team facilitated the creation of employment opportunities in waste collection (utilizing tractors and trailers); waste management at municipal sites; waste supervision and management; uniform manufacturing; and community education programs focusing on reducing the habit of un-thoughtful litter and rubbish dumping.

The Impact: 499 individuals provided short-term employment; 60 schools trained in rubbish disposal and social responsibility; 1,300 bins distributed to communities; 1,221 tools (shovels, brooms, wheelbarrows etc.) distributed to communities

Funder: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Duration: 2005