Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Project

The Problem: Tajikistan is a mountainous earthquake-prone country with a high level of poverty. Many houses in Tajikistan are poorly build using low quality materials. Due to the high structural vulnerability combined with a low level of preparedness for earthquakes and access to appropriate mitigation materials, the risk of a disaster following a major earthquake is high.

The Solution: With the goal of increasing disaster preparedness and awareness of vulnerable communities, and assisting them to be more resistant and better able to recover from the effects of an earthquake, our team partnered with ECHO and Mission East to implement initiatives throughout 8 regions of Tajikistan that involved capacity building, preparedness training, and small mitigation.

The Impact: over 40 communities strengthened in community based disaster management; 40,629 individuals trained in human rights, animal diseases, making preserves, general health awareness, infectious disease, and first aid; 570 community members trained in safer earthquake construction practices

Duration: 2003-2006

Earthquake shake table demonstration

Earthquake shake table demonstration