Shelter and Settlement Services

Shelter is the linchpin of a stable society, restoring hope, dignity and a sense of community belonging. Shelters not only provide physical protection and a healthy living space, but also a sense of ownership and an opportunity to become active stakeholders within a community. Our team has built thousands of homes for those living in refugee camps, refugee families that have recently returned to their home community and families who have been victims of wars and natural disasters.

Each shelter program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the particular community. The shelter designs, whether temporary or permanent, remain consistent with local architecture, while simultaneously incorporating earthquake safe measures, proper ventilation and lighting. SFL programs utilize materials that are locally available to the community; cutting down on cost and boosting market activity.



Disaster Risk Reduction

The people paying the heaviest price from disasters are the world’s poorest communities. Through programs that strengthen resilience and ensure better preparedness to withstand the consequences of disasters, our team helps free vulnerable communities from the downward spiral that a succession of disaster creates.

Our experience in disaster risk reduction projects, whether structural or non-structural, have proven that they save lives, protect livelihoods, and save ‘after-the-fact’ donor assistance money. By generating community awareness, facilitating training in risk reduction and disaster-proof construction, building earthquake-resistant housing and rehabilitating roads so they no longer wash out from excessive rains, we have been able to significantly reduce the devastation of natural and man-made disasters.

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Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Services

Whether a natural disaster is brought on by famine, floods, landslides, or earthquakes, or man-made disasters caused by civil strife, war, or epidemics, SFL gives people effective assistance in their time of need and helps them get back on their feet as quickly – and as sustainably – as possible.

In times of disaster, our team works hand-in-hand with governments, faith-based groups, foundations, NGOs, and other institutions to provide holistic and professional technical assistance, training and access to construction materials, food, credit, vocational training and building skills to disadvantaged individuals dependent upon outside help for their basic living needs and survival. SFL always works with communities to address their own needs in their own way.

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