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Years of conflict, corruption and negligence have left major portions of Iraq’s infrastructure in ruins. Once home to some of the earliest known civilizations, Iraq bore witness to ongoing instability and sabotage. This has stalled many efforts to rebuild the economy. Many governments over the years have struggled to maintain order, leaving the country to enjoy only brief periods of respite from high levels of sectarian violence. Since 1992, Shelter For Life has worked on numerous humanitarian and public infrastructure projects. This has included building comprehensive water systems, road rehabilitation, shelter and settlement services, as well as health and vocational training.

Our Work:

A Comprehensive Water Project for Soran Town

Within northern Iraq, water issues are paramount with chronic problems of increasing demand and impossibly difficult supplies. In the early 2000’s Soran District in particular was flooded with returnees from Iran, placing great stress on water resources. Many families were generally unaware of how their behavior affects the environment and hence the linkages between poor health and pollution were rarely understood, leading to poor health practices and outcomes. SFL provided emergency services to over 5,250 people over 2004-2005, but longer term plans were required.

To address the major water issues in Soran, our team initiated a comprehensive and sustainable water solution project that sought to provide a permanent, reliable and clean source of water to the families of Soran Town. This involved construction of large-scale water systems, including pipelines, pump systems, water tanks, and establishing school awareness programs about public health.

165,000 individuals provided sustainable access to water; 130 schools provided training in water catchment pollution and safe rubbish disposal

"When the road was completed, we came back and realized that the road had also brought peace with it." ~Bourama