Values Awareness Programme

The Problem: Due to the lack of employment in Tajikistan, over 1.5 million people have been forced to find work in surrounding countries. Because of this migration, many Taijk families fall into a continual debt cycle which forces the men to support their families from outside the country, placing families at a significantly higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS from external regions.

The Solution: To improve the economic and moral wellbeing of families in the South-Western region of Tajikistan, our team implemented a three-year community development program that offered moral values teaching, health education, and business training. This included a facet called Chornya Kassa (“money for a rainy day”) which allowed individuals to save money while accruing interest, and an education program about HIV/AIDS risk reduction and management.

The Impact: 750 families with small business supported to access finance through Chornya Kassa; 126 migrant families assisted to take steps towards HIV/AID protection; and 164 individuals with increased business profits.

Funder: TearFund-UK and Covenant World Relief
Duration: 2004-2006