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Few countries have endured the extraordinary and persistent hardship faced by Afghanistan over recent decades. From ongoing drought, food insecurity, and poverty, to invasion, occupation, ethnic conflict and civil war, and displacement of staggering proportions. As a result, much of the country has been left utterly devastated and without hope. Since 1984, Shelter For Life has worked extensively to assist Afghan communities to rebuild their lives. Our work in the region has been diverse, including: implementing sustainable income generation and livelihood programs, restoring public infrastructure, providing access to financial services, disaster relief and humanitarian services, facilitating community development initiatives, disaster risk reduction programs, and strengthening agriculture and rural development.

Our Work:

Restoring Resilience in Rural Afghanistan 

Around 39% of Afghans live below the poverty line, with huge differences in living standards between those living in cities and those in rural areas. Further, around 33% of Afghans are food insecure and 3.4 million severely food insecure. Consequently, there is urgent need to tackle the country’s nutritional, educational and environmental problems, and support vulnerable people to improve their livelihoods.

LIFFT-Cashew will create durable trade infrastructure, increase access to financial services, organize and train smallholder farmers to increase production and bargaining power, and build the capacity of local processors to add value to kernels in the SeGaBi cashew production zone. As a result, the program will benefit smallholder farmers, a range of processors, and a variety of other businesses along the cashew value chain.

Our program addresses this by developing value chain linkages necessary to support an integrated regional trade network for the cashew value chain, and enhancing the production and trade of cashews in local and international markets.

"When the road was completed, we came back and realized that the road had also brought peace with it." ~Bourama